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ei, i, di9, ey, Let me make it clear about General fiction web web web sites | Srehra

Let me make it clear about General fiction web web web sites

Let me make it clear about General fiction web web web sites

They are basic internet web sites which contain a complete great deal of great femdom stories if you???re prepared to hunt around only a little.

BDSM collection

BDSM collection is a resource that is excellent various types of BDSM fiction. They???ve got a search that is fairly extensive and huge number of tales. The product quality has a tendency to differ pretty considerably, but there are several genuine gems to be located.

  • If you???re into cuckold dreams then Wayne C. Rogers may be worth reading. A really good illustration of their work is ??˜Making of a submissive husband??˜.
  • Five Words is an extended and well written F/m story involving humilation, cuckolding, toilet play, etc.
  • ??˜Gentle steps to complete domination???, is a fantastic slow tease and denial F/m story.
  • Among the better BDSM tales on the internet is Group XS by Saavick. This contains both F/f and M/f, but there???s undoubtedly a strong theme that is femdom. Unfortunately it appears to be like he found myself in a quarrel because of the online marketers plus the whole tale continues to be unfinished.
  • Musker has authored a true amount of very well crafted stories with F/f components. They???re specially centered on restraint and bondage.
  • The vowel challenged drkfetyshnyghts has a true wide range of really bondage and fetish hefty F/f stories.
  • underdog has stories that are few more youthful dommes.
  • Abe Froman has many stories that are interesting around bondage, humiliation and brain control.


Given that title indicates this really is a website slanted to basic bondage instead than femdom. The search and tagging functionality is pretty fundamental, but you can find good tales if you may spend the full time to shop around. Fans of really hefty and elaborate F/f bondage stores will likely enjoy Anne Gray, who’s a highlighted writer of the web web site.

Gagged chaturbate.com Utopia???s Tale Archive

This web site possesses 1000+ BDSM tales, by having a slant that is significant towards bondage than S&M. It is got quite a powerful search function, along side a label cloud.

  • Anne Gray (who also features from the BoundStories web site above) has a big assortment of well written F/f tales.
  • Tina has a couple of extremely hefty bondage F/f tales. I do believe Katie???s Capture and Reality tv celebrity are especially entertaining, albeit extremely extreme.
  • Tyjord has many good F/m tales that function enema???s, medical play, hefty bondage, etc. lovers of watersports and especially unpleasant predicament bondage will likely enjoy Christopher???s Predicament and Jason???s Vacation. For an even more building that is slow, with less throughout the top elements, have a look at a location to remain.
  • Be cautious everything you want For is a f/m that is fairly lengthy featuring a spouse checking out her principal part and a spouse discovering that fantasy does not constantly match reality.
  • Lockednchaste has also some domestic F/m tales, but they???re just a little gentler than usually the one above.
  • An abrupt Mistress is an enjoyable denial and tease story, with a few bondage and chastity training blended in.
  • The Donor is yet another tease and denial tale, this right time with additional nurses and mummification.


If you prefer transgender femdom fiction then fictionmania could be the destination to go. The search function there is certainly sorts of strange, however, if you appear underneath the category search section there???s a femdom label. Some examples that are good:

  • Sissy Tec by Missy Crystal. This will be heavy on age regression and treatment that is sissy.
  • Christine???s tales that have a variety of femdom and elements that are transexual.
  • Jennifer???s Plaything pt 1 and pt 2, containing a complete large amount of teasing and ass play.
  • Abduction which has components of mental domination and control.

Crystal???s tale web site

This can be another transgender orientated web web site. The search web page includes a femdom category. A few good for example:

  • Stories by meaah soo. You can find an assortment of transgender and stories that are cuckold.
  • Tales by Jean Chambers. A lot of men forced into sexual circumstances as females.


The Alt Sex tales Text Repository site hbecause been in presence so long as I am able to keep in mind. The big problem is finding anything there while it???s a fantastic resource. The most readily useful approach I???ve found would be to ignore their search device and merely google it aided by the web web web site: operator. Good quality collections of tales I???ve available on there include:

  • Hungry guy stories have actually lots of watersports and drinking that is piss them.
  • Welsh Dragon???s collection that is miscellaneous of stories.
  • Old Joe???s number of femdom stories.
  • Rick O???s tales are about spanking and creampies.
  • Kristen???s archives contain a large number of tales, varying in material through the extremely erotic to the horrifically putrid. Regrettably there???s no particular femdom category, but then there???s some interesting content if you hunt around, particularly in the bondage section.
  • For a well crafted and f/f that is fairly lengthy, then have a look at ??˜Megan together with Duffle Bag??? that is divided in to a few parts: pt1, pt2, p3, pt4a, pt4b, pt5a, pt5b, pt5c.


If you???re after actually extreme tales, involving castration and human anatomy modification, then this website has a sizable fiction area. Regrettably you need to register before you decide to have access to them, which will be a fairly long procedure. You???ll need to sign up for the discussion boards and await approval of this enrollment. In the event that you ensure it is throughout that and want an exemplory instance of among the better writers on the internet site, I???d look at Shortie???s stories. ??˜The Watcher??? and ??˜Modern Mods??? from him are especially good, if extremely extreme, femdom tales.


This web site hosts a quantity of BDSM and fetish tales gathered by Djian. He’s got clustered them into specific themes, with all the two most relevant for enthusiasts of femdom product being the section that is f/f the F/m section.

The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

As the name suggests, this story collection is targeted on stories of psychological control (through hypnotherapy, subliminal recommendation, miracle, weird technology, etc.) instead of outright domination that is physical. This has a big quantity of stories tagged as feminine dominant.


The ask jolene web site is much more of search engines than a content aggregator that is original. Nonetheless, this has crawled a number of the more expensive tale archives and may be helpful that you???ve lost if you???re trying to track down a half remembered story. It usually provides a web link towards the content that is original however in some instances it???ll surface the version it offers retained. It doesn???t have a certain femdom area, but in the event that you see the obvious groups (bondage, humilation, spanking, etc.) it is maybe not difficult to get femdom material. It is enjoyable to ??˜spin the wheel??? by typing in several random BDSM terms and seeing exactly exactly just what tales appear.

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