|Popcorn Time| Free Watch Jurassic Park

Writer Michael Crichton

Steven Spielberg

genre Sci-Fi

runtime 2 Hour, 7 minutes

Audience Score 817580 Votes

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Jurassic park is an average film- I didn’t like it as much- perhaps this is so because I watched it at an age where adult worldly concerns because too overbearing to completely let go and immerse in a 2-hour excursion into the prehistoric. But its not just that. The plot is bare, and the characters are cookie-cutter. Sure, I don’t expect Shakespeare in a movie about giant lizards, but they could have etched the characters out more. Having said that the film is entertaining, and the special effects are outwardly. The dinosaurs look and feel like real breathing reptiles- thanks to the great work by Stan Winston and co. Regardless of my opinion this is a monster of a movie.

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